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Healing Is Possible podcast


Discover your power to heal

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 We heal by starting our Four Engines 


  • Inform yourself. See new perspectives.

  • Learn about the state of health, healthcare, and healing

  • Plant-based nutrition that heals rather than inflames


  • Connect with your hopes, dreams, needs, and your still center.

  • Connect with a supportive community

  • Re-contact nature


  • Use your full range of motion

  • Discover the full power of breathing

  • Move your emotions and your creativity


  • Sleep hygiene

  • Allow time for healing and assimilation

Jaclyn Wernimont_edited.jpg

Jaclyn healed from Crohn's disease

I realized I had been fighting Crohn's my whole life. After I changed my relationship with it, it went away.

renoy headshot.png

Renoy healed from demyelinating polyneuropathy

The immunosuppressants weren't working. I stopped them and got worse. I was paralyzed. Then I began to heal.

jimmy conway.jpeg

Jimmy healed from heart disease

I had to change what I was eating or I wouldn't have made it.


 You are a human being, 
  not a statistic 🙂 

 Take action! 


The percentage of people who believe healing is possible, but don't know how it happens


The percentage of chronic diseases that can be prevented and modified

7.9 billion

The number of people who have the ability to heal


The number of people it takes to begin the process of healing

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