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Take back your power

As an ER doctor for more than 15 years, I have witnessed healthcare problems most can’t bear to imagine. The roots of these problems are the mass advertising campaigns, low-quality food, limiting narratives, medications, and addictive technology that are incessantly sold to the public as "good for you."

The truth is, if you want true health and healing, you have to take matters into your hands:

  • Discuss the healthcare truths that we don't talk about

  • Make changes to your daily behaviors

  • Have an open conversation with your health professional


Health Revolution is a movement that will help you take these steps so you experience a revolution in your health and we all experience a revolution in healthcare, together.

Image by Mat Napo

Dr. Anoop Kumar

Emergency Physician

Uncomfortable Healthcare Truths

we should be talking about


Modern medicine is complementary medicine

Pills and surgery are best used as a bridge while figuring out the underlying problem. Therefore, modern medicine is complementary by definition.

How to take back your power

Rev your Four Engines

1. Nutrition

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Study & Experience
Mind-Body-Flow Theory

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Healing happens when you rev your Four Engines 

1. Nutrition

  • Inform yourself. See new perspectives. Understand the Meta-Map.

  • Learn about the state of health, healthcare, and healing

  • Plant-based nutrition that heals rather than inflames

3. Connection

  • Experience Mind-Body-Flow Theory.

  • Connect with your hopes, dreams, needs, and your still center.

  • Connect with a supportive community

  • Re-contact nature

2. Movement

  • Use your full range of motion

  • Discover the full power of breathing

  • Move your emotions and your creativity

4. Rest

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Rest the mind while awake and working

  • Allow time for healing and assimilation

Meet Dr. Kumar
Hear what an ER doc has always wanted to tell you about health

In this online session, Dr. Kumar will share in detail what he always wanted to tell patients about health and healing, including details of cases of healing he has seen as well as the science and methods that support healing, 

The Healing Is Possible podcast
Inspirational stories of how people heal

People all over the world are healing from all kinds of conditions, including those thought to be incurable. Watch their stories. Learn new perspectives on what health and healing mean, and how they happen.

Health Jumpstart
A 4-week course to transform your health and take back your power

This online course jumpstarts the healing process by revving the Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. Through on-demand videos, live sessions, and a range of practices, you will discover what health truly means and how to activate healing. You will also be introduced to critically important concepts such as the Meta-Map of healing and Mind-Body-Flow Theory.

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