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47 reviews

Are You Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

  • 7 million deaths worldwide

  • $16 trillion lost

  • 10 million jobs lost

  • 100% of reversible diseases ignored


Dr. Anoop Kumar
ER Doctor

This course is for you if...

Image by Ethan Sykes
You lost a loved one in the pandemic
Fries with Ketchup
You want a balanced approach to maintaining a healthy weight
Pile of Pills
You know pills and vaccines alone aren't the answer
Image by Uday Mittal
You're struggling with your mental health because of stress
Your health has been compromised
Working with Laptop
You want to help yourself and your family stay safe

What you get

Straight talk from a front-line ER doctor who managed the worst of the pandemic
Daily tips to reverse heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune disease
A complete mind+body approach to dealing with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and relationships, including guided meditations with Dr. Kumar
The knowledge to show your family how they can improve their health, along with the relief you get from doing everything you can to help them
Ongoing access to monthly Q&A sessions with Dr. Kumar, even after the course ends
A new guided practice each day to build life-changing habits and resilience to disease
Daily tips to decrease inflammation and improve your immune response
Complete clarity on how biohacking Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest can overhaul your physical and mental health
3 hours of on-demand biohacking videos in bite-sized 10-minute sessions
Immediate and full access to all content

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!

47 reviews



Darja V.

This course is about investigating who we are, going deeply in ourselves. Also it is built in order for everyone to be able to participate, even busy people like me :) I see my health totally differently now and I feel the power I have to change my health.

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Vardhini M.

Even as a meditation teacher, this course gave me so many practical tips to change my life and tap into my potential. I'm so grateful to have joined. I highly recommend that everyone join!

oneal utley_edited.jpg

O'Neal U.

Anoop and Sreesha are visionaries. The interviews with people who have healed are inspiring, motivating and educational. The exercises made me try practical ways and insights to tap into that natural healing. Healing is possible.

5 Reasons You Must Take This Course!
  1. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on medications.

  2. You want to minimize the chance of hospitalizations.

  3. You don't want to waste money on gimmicky supplements.

  4. You want to  learn how people healed from diseases.

  5. You want to take control of your health and your family's health.

Are You Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!


47 reviews


1) What makes this course unique? *It is developed by a Board-Certified physician trained in emergency medicine who has been on the front lines for 15 years, including during the pandemic. He brings his experience in diagnosing and treating emergencies as well as in mind-body perspectives to teaching this course. *We don't beat around the bush. Health is about developing your potential–we will address and develop this directly. *This course provides a comprehensive approach to any health situation as well as personal development. *We don't push supplements or gimmicky sales. It's clarity, honesty, and changing our behavior that makes a difference. *This course is the first step towards something bigger. Having a foundational understanding and experience of the Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest, which are taught in this course, prepares each participant for ongoing monthly live sessions where we explore healing in greater depth.

2) Do I need prior experience? No prior experience is needed. Just bring an open mind.

3) Do I need any special devices, apps, tech, or other materials to complete the program? The entire program can be completed from any smartphone, laptop, or desktop. You will be provided links to join the live sessions on Zoom.

4) When does the course start? Can I enroll now? *This course starts as soon as you enroll! You have immediate and full access to all content to proceed at your own pace.

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