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Integrating "mental illness"

Integrating is the process of engaging all the experiences of life–practical, stressful, mystical, confusing, inspirational, painful and more–and allowing them to inform us in meaningful ways. The result is greater clarity and ease.

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Integrating cuts across all disciplines and boundaries. It may be spoken about in terms of healing, illness, spirituality, and more. Different traditions approach it in different ways–through phenomenology, neuroanatomy, physiology, psychological and psychiatric formulation, non-materialist worldviews, and more. Because it crosses all disciplines, there are many ways to approach the process of integrating. The overall goal is to bridge to a new equilibrium that works for you in the context of the society you are a part of.
Clarity and experimentation
The bridge to a new equilibrium is built through understanding (clarity) and practice (experimentation). Understanding is a way of framing the experiences of our lives in meaningful ways, allows us to engage them in a way that works for us rather than having to simply reject them. Experimenting with our perspectives and taking new actions will allow us test new perspectives to sift through what actually works for us in our lives. 
Broad steps
  • Re-cognizing what is happening. What is happening in your life? What happened? What place does this take in your life? How does it move you?
  • Entering a safer space. Entering a space of possibility. Clearing the mind and body. Making room for new perspectives.
  • What might be another way to see this? What different meanings or roles could this take in your life? What options can we see and create?
  • Experimenting with new perspectives in your life. Reconciling new ways of being/seeing/doing with the activites of your daily life.
Frameworks that can help
Other actions that can help
  • Decrease exposure to things that over-stimulate (including social media, TV, certain movies and books).
  • Find those tho are like-minded and who have been through it.
  • Buy time and space (easier said than done for sure) for the integrating process to happen; there is no rushing the process

A blueprint for integrating

blueprint for wellbeing 2 png.png
One-to-one conversations

Please first watch the video at the top of this page and review the material on the Three Minds and Four Engines linked above. For consultations, use the contact form below. Please note that consultations are not medical or psychiatric but rather explore the overall process of integrating. If you under the care of a professional, please consult with them regarding this exploration.
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