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Planet and Moon

What is the cosmos made of?

Everyone will give you a different answer. The sages that investigated this millennia ago found they could learn about the world outside (including "outer space") by going inside. They found that the split between within and without was perceptual, not fundamental.

Consciousness is not inside you. It is you. It is the world. It is the cosmos. Just as it happens in a dream. This is entirely consistent with reason, science, and direct experience. Make this your hypothesis and start experimenting.


Consciousness and the Quantum

If the cosmos is essentially consciousness, how do all these things appear around us? How do our bodies appear as separate things? How does separation happen?

Physics tells us one infinite field, such as an electron field, can appear as innumerable electrons. The one can appear as the many, as it superimposes boundaries within itself, just as a bedsheet can appear as many "separate" wrinkles as it superimposes boundaries within itself. Adi Shankara called this mutual superimposition. The finite is superimposed on the infinite and the infinite is superimposed on the finite.

The electron field quantizes many electrons. The bedsheet quantizes many wrinkles. Consciousness quantizes space, time, and the space-time events we call "things."

interaction in class

But wait...

Are you sure? The quantum exists only at small levels! And most physicists won't agree with your interpretation of the quantum.

Experiments are showing quantum behavior approaching macroscopic levels. Furthermore, quantum fields are infinite and throughout space. But the biggest point is this:

Max Planck adopted the word "quantum," which had been in existence for several hundred years already, and applied it to physics, thus originating "quantum physics." Thus, the quantum doesn't belong to physics, nor is it completely understood or defined by physics. The quantum belongs to the human mind, and that mind is partially and mathematically represented by the quantum of physics. Many physicists do agree with this.

Know mind, know quantum. No mind, no quantum. Let's keep going...


And what about energy?

Energy is the flux of consciousness. Consciousness in its native state is of the nature of pure potential. That potential in a state of flux is information-energy, which forms the basis of space and time across all dimensions.

In Sankhya philosophy, Shiva is the infinite consciousness, and Shakti is the dance or vibration of that consciousness, akin to the quantum foam. But in this case, Shakti, or energy, is not just physical, it is the very vibration that we interpret in our culture as physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

Star Cluster

Back to the big picture

Ok, so...

Consciousness is fundamental.

Its flux is energy, appearing as all dimensions, spaces, times, worlds, planets, objects, relationships, etc.

We as individuals are distillations of consciousness and crystallizations of energy, literally.

Energy of a particular kind begins and ends, but consciousness never began and will not end because it is prior to the vibration of time.


What does this mean for me?

Since consciousness is infinite and also expresses as you, you exist at multiple levels.

You have many bodies: physical, mental, energetic, informational, and consciousness itself. This allows multi-directional healing.

You have many lifetimes (as an individual) and are birthless, deathless, and eternal (as the formless). This offers freedom and life-changing perspective.

Energy flows through you, as you, around you and to everything else throughout the cosmos. This brings ecstasy and power.

Everything is not only interconnected, everything is weaving the same tapestry. This yields beauty.

Boundaries and divisions are superimposed, not fundamental. They're sometimes helpful, sometimes not. This offers insight, capacity, and versatility.

We exist as one and express through the many. This brings peace.

Filtered Lights

How can I experiment with this? What should I do ?

When the energetic body, mental body, and physical body are laden with stagnant beliefs, habits, and accumulations, you cannot see through the window of individuality to your nature beyond. All that has to be done is to clear these bodies of their accumulations and your natural intelligence and quantum nature shine through.

You can do this by activating your Four Engines: Nutrition, Movement, Connection and Rest. These engines work across your bodies to clear out what is not needed and allow the light in.

Ready to start? Take our 28-Day Jumpstart course to activate your Four Engines.

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