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The Four Engines of Health

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The essentials of health and healing don't change, because they are based on understanding the human system and what it needs in every way. These essentials can be thought of as 4 main engines that drive health and healing: nutrition, movement, connection, and rest.


Many books and experts on nutrition offer conflicting advice. Some say avoid carbohydrates and stick with protein. Others say carbohydrates are okay, but dairy should be avoided. Yet others say a balance of different kinds of foods is best. What works best for you will be unique. Having said that, there is a simple approach that has been found to consistently help in reversing common conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disease: A plant-based, fresh foods nutrition plan that minimizes/excludes processed foods.

Importantly, nutrition is much more than what you eat. It's also the thoughts you entertain, the books you read, the shows you watch, and the conversations you participate in. Think of the body as swimming in a sea of stimuli. Choose the stimuli that nourish you.


If you can exercise many times a week, great. But even