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Are we interpreting a world of form and matter or are we creating it?

To answer this question comprehensively, one has to ask - which "we" are we talking about? This is the crux of the issue. The identity "I" apparently has a range of expression.

As the Third Mind, this is potentiality.

As the Second Mind, we (the Second Mind) is apparently creating the world because the world is made of the Second Mind, just as the world in a dream is made entirely of the dreaming mind.

As the First Mind is engaged more, we become partial creators and partial interpreters of the world. We feel we are creating (and we are) yet it also appears that most of this is not our creation because we are looking from the First Mind perspective. We have ideas, we team with people, we make those ideas "real" in the world through conversations, programs, structures, and physicalization. It may look mundane; it's magical.

As the First Mind further sets in, the sense of interpreting and creating is lost because there is a barrier separating "mind" from "world". Mind and world appear fundamentally different. The world feels independently real, external, and imposing. There is little access to the awareness that an interpretation is happening.

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