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Current Ideas of Innovation in Healthcare Set the Bar Too Low

Every so often, when I'm scrolling and reading a few posts on LinkedIn, it strikes me.

There's so much conversation about healthcare innovation, AI, digital homes, the latest tech.

But in the name of innovation, there is precious little on the fundamentals of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest, which have helped countless people heal from innumerable conditions and wean off medication when it's safe to do so. These Four Engines that drive health and healing are available in some form to every single person. So why does every single person not know this is possible and how to approach this?

The shift in mindset to medication as a bridge along with the possibility of healing through Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest would be the greatest innovation in healthcare. I believe this shift in mindset fits the definition of innovation in healthcare better than anything else, because it is the most powerful when it comes to healing a variety of diseases and it is available to all.

Surely we can still talk about digital technology. Surely we can still talk about new payment systems and acquisitions. But for the sake of the public, for the sake of our patients, for the sake of our responsibility as leaders in healthcare, the leading conversation has to be the right mindset regarding what is possible and how. Not telling people about what they can do right now and instead talking about the technology they may get in the future doesn't make sense. It doesn't help them the most. In fact, it can keep people excited and hopeful and indeed distract them from the things that would actually help them now.

I understand that saying something is not enough, but I don't see that as an excuse. If everyone says it clearly, consistently, with compelling messaging, there will be a way to bring more resources to the table to make it easier for people to adopt. But we have to start. #help

We have a responsibility to tell the public what is possible. Let us rise up and meet this responsibility together.

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