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Going Beyond the Labels of Pro-Vax and Anti-Vax

The pro-vax and anti-vax labeling only prevents us from considering ways to move forward together. Here are a few ideas regarding vaccines and health that I think most people would support.

1. Remove liability exemption for companies that produce vaccines. Companies have to be responsible for what they produce, like any other company and any other product.

2. Disallow public health and regulatory agencies like the CDC and FDA from patenting vaccine technologies and licensing them to gain royalties.

3. Prohibit the leadership of government agencies like the FDA from taking paid roles in industries they regulated for at least 5 years after they have left the regulatory agency.

4. Educate the public about the vaccine adverse events reporting system (VAERS) and make it easy to use.

5. Require public health agencies like the CDC to spend as much money educating the public on how they can prevent and reverse disease with changes to Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest as they do educating the public about using pharmaceutical products.

6. Require public health agencies to actually educate about health (!) as much as they talk about disease. (If you go to and click on “Health Topics,” you will not get health topics but rather a list of diseases. This reveals a backward mindset.)

I picked the first four points because they will be effective in producing better vaccines regardless of where somebody stands on the issue of which study says what about a particular vaccine. These steps would significantly decrease the tremendous conflict of interest in vaccine production and administration. I added the last two points because we have to stop talking only about defending against disease while not talking about health, healing, and human potential. They are two sides of the same coin but there is a gross weighted imbalance between how the two sides are presented (or not) by public health and healthcare.

The time for those of us in public health, healthcare, or frankly any other field to stay silent on this immensely important topic is long gone.

What do you think?

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