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Healing is Possible Podcast

At Health Revolution, we are addressing and highlighting many conundrums in the modern healthcare system.

Conundrum 1 - How can we claim to be able to treat all physical ailments effectively when we don't know what exactly a human being's body is? Are there five bodies like food body, information body, energy body etc as ancient Indian science says; are there energy meridians like the Chinese system claims, or is there only the physical flesh and bone body as modern science teaches? If at the most fundamental level we are all just vibrations of energy as physics now has proven to be true, then we are all a part of one endless unified field of energy as well.

From what I have read and understood, trauma is stored in the energy body. Thus a victim who has experienced trauma will physically react, for example, to a sound or smell that reminds them of their traumatic experience. This is proof that we are more than just a bag of flesh and bones.

On our Healing is Possible podcast, we had a guest from the US share a powerful healing story where she realized she was continuing to suffer ill health as an adult, as falling ill when she was a child was the only way to get attention from her parents. When she addressed and acknowledged this, she healed and no longer had to visit the hospital for her treatment. It goes to show how powerful the mind is, and the illness it can manifest in the body.

Modern medicine is powerful and has its own importance in the healing cycle. We all need modern medicine at various stages. Having worked as a hospital director at one of the finest healthcare chains in India, I can personally vouch for the good intention and patient centricity that informed our management decisions. However, there are other conditions that can be healed simply by integrating our life experiences and seeing the human being more wholly-entirely-fully.

You can watch the podcast here:

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