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How do I start the process of spirituality and good health?

Everyone has a different kind of spirituality. Some integrate the body and world along with the process. Some look to leave the body and world behind.

Spirituality is the spirit of things–the essence of things. In this sense it is everything. The popular notion of spirituality is a beginning. As we fully explore it, it ceases to be a particular fields. It is the essence of everything, and so it is everything. "Spirituality" simply becomes life in all its depth.

Given the nature of the question, we are talking about integrating body, mind, and world while giving enough attention to the body. Popular techniques of doing this include yoga, which is a complete system for development that begins with body and mind. The basics of all such practices are the Four Engines: Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest.

Spirituality (essence of everything) and health (wholeness) are very closely related. Hence the Four Engines have to be activated for both. This is the process of becoming whole, or recognizing that we are whole. This is healing.

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