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Introducing the Second Mind Institute

We are stuck in an old model of ourselves and the world that is being taught to children and adults alike around the world. The result is the multiple emergencies we now see happening routinely on a global scale. We need a better way forward that offers a deeper, more comprehensive, more accessible, more powerful, and more actionable understanding of ourselves and the nature of this world to carry our civilization forward. The old way is not working.

The critical error has been this: We have been educated to believe that the world is something that is primarily physical and external to us as conscious individuals. We have been taught that matter is fundamental, and consciousness is its accidental byproduct - a statistical fluke. We have been implicitly taught to see ourselves as small and the world as big, thereby creating a stance of scarcity, competition, and the relentless drive to hoard resources at the expense of others.

The way forward begins with a deeper, clearer understanding of ourselves at an absolutely fundamental level - as fundamental as the nuts and bolts of identity, perception, who we are, and what the world is. If we do not get these correct, any understanding and action that happen downstream will be misguided, which is what is happening today at national and global scales.

The central topic to be explored is that of consciousness. Why? Because this one topic is at the heart of every experience that we have and every field of knowledge that exists. You are reading this because consciousness exists. Every field of knowledge we have created has been created with and through consciousness. Take consciousness away and we know nothing, including ourselves. Yet, our understanding of consciousness remains anemic. Universities, in a profound oversight, have largely relegated it to a statistical fluke.

If we are to advance our civilization beyond the emergencies currently facing us, we must profoundly upgrade our understanding of consciousness and look at it through the lens of cultures that have been around for millennia that are imploring us to understand ourselves and this world better. We must move from an understanding of consciousness as a strictly local and personal phenomenon to that of a non-local, universal phenomenon.

Over the last couple years, Health Revolution has taken the step of integrating an understanding of non-local consciousness with aspects of our daily lives, including such fundamental experiences as identity, perception, and health, via the Three Minds Framework. We also interwove this understanding with various fields of knowledge, including healthcare, mathematics, management, and politics. We feel this is a critical step that is needed to bring a deeper understanding of life, self, education, and every field of knowledge to our society so that we may move our civilization forward.

All this describes the birth of the Second Mind Institute over the last couple years. The Second Mind Institute is dedicated to researching, teaching, and rendering practical the essential role of non-local consciousness in our lives and the future of our civilization. Take a moment to review the courses we are currently offering. We encourage you to begin with the free course entitled What are the Three Minds? This will give you a brief overview of the framework we are using, as well as offer you an opportunity to contribute to research at the Second Mind Institute by integrating and developing your own unique expertise in the context of the Three Minds Framework.

You are the future.

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