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Know This and Be Free #infinitehealth

How were you created?

In the beginning, there was no beginning.

There was only you, there was only me, there was only everything. Nothing else, as is now.

From this potentiality, waves of possibility appeared to emanate, the precursors of space and time.

From these waves, in these waves, dimensions and dimensional objects self-organize.

Objects are recognized as objects only in relation with other objects that consider themselves to be subjects. Awareness is localizing, accumulating, skewing itself preferentially. This skewing creates the appearance of a three, four, or many dimensional world out of infinite dimensionality.

Each world adopts a thought pattern, range of existence, sets of beliefs, that come to define that world.

Patterns of consciousness translocate in and through these waves of possibility, simply because they can, simply because they do, simply because that is their nature, simply because everything is possibility.

As they adopt a dimensional field or world, they aggregate the tendencies necessary and unique for that field, which we call a body, codified as genetics.


You are not only a body. You are not only a personality. You are not contained within one lifetime. You exist in many dimensions, across many timelines. You exist prior to time and prior to space. Time and space are granted existence by your in-breath and out-breath.

Know this and be free.

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