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Language Blossoms

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

My son and I were just talking about the question "Is this a dream?" He decided it was a universal question. We decided it was a universal question with no universal answer. In fact, maybe it doesn't have an answer at all. Maybe the answer is simply looking into our experience and seeing what we see.

Then we considered - maybe nothing really has an answer? Then he said 1+1=2, and that's an answer. Then we asked what the answer really meant in practical life. We decided the utility of the sum in our lives was more like an answer than the sum itself.

Then we wondered about everything. Is there such a thing as everything? Isn't there always one more thing than everything, or does everything keep growing? Is there a fixed set called everything? And then what is nothing? Is there really such a thing as nothing? We thought maybe everything is simply another name for possibility, for the expression of possibility as things. Then nothing too was possibility, the possibility for something. So we decided everything and nothing kinda mean the same thing.

Which led us to wonder... what is a thing after all? What is this thing which we dress up as every-thing, no-thing, some-thing, all-things? We found thing to be more like a verb given its ending of -ing. It was more like a th+ing rather than an object. So then there are no objects per se but just occurrings, happenings, eventings? Maybe?

Then we started adding -ing to every word and speaking that way. So instead of "That's interesting" we started saying "Thating ising interesting." We noticed that the word ceiling already recognized its -ing-ness. After speaking this way for a few minutes, we felt a profound openness, peace, intuition, ease, relaxation, "normalness."

We found that the language we use has a consciousness all its own.

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