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My Journey to Understand What Healing Means

Updated: Feb 16

Being the Co-founder of a Health Revolution has been one of the biggest privileges of my life so far. It is both exciting and gratifying to build a company ground-up–one that is revolutionary in the true sense of the word. Our main motto is, "Healing is Possible," yet I must confess that for the initial many months I hadn’t understood the breadth and the depth of this word healing

When Dr. Kumar said he wants to propagate the message that healing is possible, and that healing is happening all the time and is our natural state, I was left thinking...

Of course. Whenever one falls ill, if it isn’t too serious or chronic a condition, then yes, healing from that medical condition is natural and very much possible.

I thought the word only meant healing from medical illnesses. This limited understanding of the word of course led to bewilderment when I heard Dr. Kumar speaking very passionately about "healing" in our subsequent meetings.

Almost two years later, I now have a much better understanding of what the word encompasses. I still dare not claim that I understand its entirety, however, I am certain I understand the majority of what it means.

Healing means to be healthy, and health means to be whole. Whole as in nothing is missing from you–every part of you is complete and intact, be it mental or physical. It might seem like it means you are medically fit and healthy, however the word healing is a loaded word.

I have now understood that healing also means to go back to one’s natural state of wholeness. The state one was in before one was born here on Earth. So does it mean one has to die? No. Healing is to achieve that state of wholeness and oneness with creation while being alive. So is healing equal to enlightenment? Maybe, maybe not. I haven’t understood the nuances completely.

However, healing does encompass the following, among other things, 

  1. Healing from the human condition 

  2. Healing from all societal conditioning and limiting beliefs

  3. Healing from childhood trauma and generational trauma

  4. Healing your body from the after-effects of poor choices 

  5. Healing from medical conditions–physical or psychological 

  6. Healing from the burden of expectations and unmet desires

  7. Healing from borrowed ambitions, buried dreams and limited narratives

  8. Healing your mind from other bad memories, disappointments and anxiety

  9. And more….

Healing includes being able to access that open state of a mind a child is in when it is just born and before any tendencies have kicked in or conditioning has begun. There is little identity with a place, with achievements, with a status or social strata, there is no judgement, few biases, and few preferences even. A baby is generally just happy to be and exist. That does not mean we should forget everything as adults, but we can learn to hold our perspectives more lightly.

As adults who live in a structured and demanding society, how can we access a similar state? By introspecting and by not blindly following the societal stories. What does this mean? This means that one has to sit down and really choose what they want for themself in this life. Assert your individuality and do not give away your power to anyone. Power to think. Power to choose. Power to act.

Fear keeps us chained to limiting beliefs. Fear keeps us in the slow but safe lane. Fear of change keeps us in the comfort zone, with what is familiar. Fear stymies our power. Release the fear and start on the journey to finding your wholeness. 

I am certain all this sounds easier said than done to most. But this is why you are here. In this world, at this time, in a human form.

So where can you start? You can start by preparing your body and mind for the change and expansion. This can be done by revving the Four Engines of health and healing:

  • Nutrition – of the body, mind and soul

  • Movement – of the body, trauma, creativity, emotions and more

  • Connection – with self, others, the planet and more

  • Rest – of the body and the mind

Read more, talk to people who are in their power, contemplate, meditate, listen to podcasts on these topics, work with healers – there are a plethora of actions you can take to start and bloom into your wholesome, true self. Dr. Kumar and our expert instructors have created a powerful online course that teaches the basics of healing and this will help build the foundation for further learning and growth, however you are free to choose whichever course/practice/modality that you feel called to.

Health Revolution is committed to helping people all over the world heal and find their true self. You may write to us at for support or resources. 

Sreesha Sreenivasan

Co-founder and COO, Health Revolution

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