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Okay, but what is science?

Science is the human pursuit of truth via inviting, accepting, and admitting error. This is how we ever-approach what is true - through falsifying what we believed, never to arrive at truth, yet always to strive.

Science is irreverent, often unexpected when done well, and revolutionary to its core. It may be bridled for a while, but will surely throw off any rider who is becoming complacent.

Science is not a platform or conclusion. It is a cyclical process of hypothesizing, experimenting, and drawing conclusions. It is living. It is ruthless in its systematic dismantling of belief systems.

And, perhaps most importantly,...

Science is a human process. It is subject to human foibles. It can be perverted and used as a weapon as much as it can be used to bring clarity and healing.

What we do not hypothesize cannot be studied. What we do not fund cannot be studied. What we do not talk about cannot be studied. And in healthcare, what does not contribute to large profits will often not be studied.

I see so many parroting "the science" without understanding or wanting to understand the foundations of science and its role in our society. It's easy to point to flashy new treatments, inventions, and "innovations" and be the latest to ride and interpret the science wagon.

But will you truly honor science?

Will you point out what is not being studied and promoted as loudly as you will what is easily granted funding?

Will you stand up for the people on the receiving end of often-biased science who themselves don't have your platform or voice?

This alone will show that you actually understand the scientific process and truly care about its role in our society.

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