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Q. I felt like I was vibrating and rotating while going to sleep. There were other beings around. Should I push myself out of this?

Q. Yesterday night when I was about to sleep I felt like I was like rotating and feeling strong vibrations. The mind won't be able to process this, that's why I am seeking to know about this from you. I also experience that I am lying in bed and not able to move but am able to see surroundings but actually I am sleeping and my eyes are closed. I think when we are in this state we are seeing from our third eye. But when these experiences happen I have a choice to submit and surrender or come out of that experience by trying to push myself and then I get awake and often feel some fear, like I would be forever stuck in this state, so with this thought I push myself to get awake generally. So is it a bad thing like a soul is trying to control me or a good thing that happens? What should I do surrender or come out from it? One time I saw a being in this state who was trying to scare me and once I heard someone laughing when I was rotating. These are only two episodes which were not nice, and in the rest of them I was alone.

A. These experiences happen as the walls of the mind start to come down. These experiences cannot fit with a materialist worldview, such as the one taught in almost all educational systems. If we have to make sense of this within a materialist view, we just have to call them dreams or a hallucinations. But today even neuroscientists are saying that our world can be seen as a collective hallucination, so such explanations are not enough.

Let's set the frame.

To understand this, let us first take the assumption that the world is essentially of the nature of energy. And when I say energy, I don't mean just the energy that we measure in terms of kilowatts or calories. I mean even that energy which we do not know how to measure. The fundamental vibrations that represent themselves as this world. Consciousness in flux.

Now let's go a step further. What we call mental is essentially a particular range of vibration of this energy. What we call physical is another range. What we call a world or a loka (field of experience) is another range of vibrations. What we call dimensions are also ranges of vibrations. In other words, anything that we experience happens along a range of vibrations, and all of this is energy.

This means that what happens before we were born and after we die is simply a matter of a change in energy. What happens in what we call one dimension versus another dimension is also simply a change in energy. And, fundamentally, we are also of this nature. It is part of our deep intelligence. Therefore, as the mind starts to open, we will not be restricted to one kind of energy anymore, and we will begin to access other ranges, what are often called other dimensions.

If we go from one habitat to another, say from the desert to the rainforest, will there not be other species there? Of course, because every creature is suited to its habitat, or its range of frequencies. Similarly, when we start to shift the range of energy, the beings we come into contact with also change.

Now we come to another major wall in our societal knowledge. We tend to think that we are the most intelligent creatures on this planet. But the problem is that we believe this planet is simply a physical thing. It is not. It is a field of experience. And there are many beings on this planet, around this planet, and beyond this planet that we can contact and that can contact us as the mind begins to open. The question is, are we ready?

Well, the person who first starts to swim is not really ready to swim. Perhaps with some guidance and some trial and success and error they learn. The person who is riding a bicycle for the first time is not really ready to ride a bicycle. Again, with guidance and trial and success and error, they learn. Similarly, as the mind starts to open, we cannot say that anyone is fully ready, but with guidance and preparation, the trial phase proceeds.

Going back to the rainforest example, there will be some beautiful creatures in the rainforest that you can watch from afar. Some may even approach you playfully. There will also be some creatures that you won't want to tangle with. They may not like you being in their space and they may try to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with navigating that frequency. If so, naturally you would move away from them and leave that place. You would not stay in a place that you are unfamiliar with and could be taken advantage of.

The same is true here. The universe is open. There are no walls. It is a place of trial and success and error and responsibility. Most important is responsibility. Each person is responsible for their mind, thoughts, and actions.

This is especially true as we encounter subtler realms. In such ranges of frequency, there's not so much difference between physical and mental, between thought, feeling, action, and circumstance. We are responsible for our thoughts, our energy, and our feeling. Even if we don't want to think something, the mind may think that out of habit, and so the experience will be. Even if we don't want to feel something or respond in a certain way, that may be the habit of the mind, and the environment will respond accordingly. This is why in so-called spiritual practice there is an emphasis on "controlling" the mind. It is not really about controlling the mind, but rather emptying that mind of many of its habits and learning how to harness it. Learning what its tendencies are.

Sometimes, practices can build up a lot of energy without emptying the mind. In this case what happens is that we can move into new ranges of frequency, but the mind is not steady enough to manage it well, because there is still tension underlying that mind and in the heart. Accordingly, the beings that are attracted to that tension will be around, even if we may not want it to be that way.

Therefore, as this stage starts to develop, it becomes important to empty the mind and open the heart. This is where having a guide, place, ideal, or anything else that we can rely on as a centering presence becomes very helpful. We need some practice that will bring us to a state of rest, peace, love, and openness, rather than simply increasing our energy. So it may be necessary to change the practice at this stage and slow things down so that stability, openness, and love can start flowing through you. You can also do some different activities to change your regimen and get out of a groove that may be keeping the energy going in the same direction. Increase variety, find activities that bring stability and fun.

At the core of emptying the mind and opening the heart is activating your Four Engines. We talk about this over and over at Health Revolution. Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest of the body and mind is what is needed. In fact, I came up with these only because this is exactly what I needed to bring stability to my experience, and they are as true today as they were many years ago.

Be aware that every tradition and practice has its strength and its weakness. And each tradition is also situated within a culture, which also has its biases. One may emphasize the intellectual approach, another the devotional approach, another the action approach, and so on. Sometimes one approach even makes fun of the other one. But as one starts expanding, all approaches have to be integrated. One approach is good enough to start, but the further you go, the more all approaches have to be integrated, because the approach is not the same as what the world is. The approach is simply one path leading to everywhere.

You may have wanted a short answer and a particular step to take, but it is important to understand the full picture. The key thing is, make sure your Four Engines are activated and you are working on those. This is what brings stability. You can continue to do the practice you're doing if you like the direction it is going, but your words are suggesting that there is some instability, so that should be attended to first. This is very important.

You are infinite. There's no doubt about this. So there is no rush. Take the time to ground yourself.


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