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Shifting Realities Under Anesthesia

Recently I had propofol administered to me for the first time. As the propofol started coursing through my veins, attention started to shift. Usually our attention is directed toward distinct things in the waking state - things like desks, trees, bodies, thoughts, and so on. But what is not usually seen is that the waking state as a whole is itself is an object of attention. We are so entrained on the waking state that we believe it’s just “life.” It’s not. It’s a range of attention. Through meditative practice this is clearly seen.

Propofol can also make this clear for an instant, but what will usually happen is the mind will catch only a brief glimpse of the waking state as a whole-object before it loses its ability to be aware and falls “asleep.” The #mind is so entrained on individual objects that when it divests itself of such particulate attention, it falls into non-recognition, which is what sleep is.

If the mind’s attention can be maintained, propofol can facilitate transitioning into other ranges of attention - what may be called dimensions or planes. Yes, these are “real” dimensions just as this waking dimension is “real.” #Netflix streams many adventures to its 230+ million subscribers. Similarly, many dimensions of adventures are continuously streaming in the broad “here.” The only question is: Where is your attention and sense of identity entrained?

Unfortunately, the materialist #philosophy that dominates the popular and academic (and medical) landscape offers too little insight into the frontiers of mind, preferring to rather invent the famous #mindbody (mind-matter) split and work backwards incrementally. So be it. Know that you have other options that have greater intellectual and practical fidelity.

No, I’m not suggesting you use propofol, nor any other drug. I’m suggesting that one’s own naked mind is the most potent of #psychedelics. Explore this, and you will see materialism dissolve into a broader picture, without losing any of its benefits.

Nestled between cold sheets, I felt where the propofol wanted to go and said, ok. The attention then shifted, but I - what I am, what you are - stayed. It has nowhere to go.

What we are never sleeps, because what we are has never woken up. It functions prior to the split. It is as it is. And it is this beauty that people crave, whether through meditation or drugs or both.

A greater truth about life is neither #mystical nor #spirituality. It is the most practical thing on Earth, shifting your moment-to-moment experience. To excavate this, one need not take the assistance of an ER doctor or anesthesiologist.

Within you is a portal to everything you have ever wanted to know. Nobody can stop you from accessing it. This is #healing on a scale otherwise unimaginable.

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