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The Possibility of Healing Is Not "False Hope"

Updated: Jan 13

You will see the phrase "Healing is possible" everywhere at Health Revolution, because we fundamentally believe in the power of human potential. The truth is that people have healed (and reversed) all kinds of diagnoses thought to be irreversible and fatal–including advanced cancer, autoimmune disease, severe heart disease, and more.

And yet, the phrase "healing is possible" can also be scary.

It can be scary because it opens the window of hope, which brings up the possibility of success and the fear of failure. Our society calls this kind fear "false hope." But how do we know if hope is false or not? Nobody knows what will happen until we give it our 100%. Only after that–after we give ourselves to the possibility and work of healing 100%–can we know where hope leads.

So many of the interviews on our Healing Is Possible podcast demonstrate that healing is not a fluke and not magic, no matter how miraculous some stories sound. Healing is a possibility. Adding learning, methodology, effort, and consistency to that possibility make results more likely. By listening to the stories of those who have unexpectedly healed, we can discern those patterns that tip the scales toward healing.

The societal standard today is to believe that healing from many conditions can't happen. If the guests on our podcast had listened to that, they would not have begun their healing journey and would not be able to share their wisdom today. They knew they had to try, and they knew that nobody could predict with certainty what would happen. That didn't deter them. To them, healing was and is possible.

If all the people who have ever healed and reversed apparently incurable conditions had been interviewed, studied, written up in medical and popular journals, and asked to collaborate in developing healing programs, the prognosis for many diseases would likely be different. But the truth is that only a fraction of such cases are popularized, and an even smaller are written up in medical journals. Furthermore, the basic engines of health and healing are not emphasized by healthcare. All this combines to cause a "false fear" or nocebo effect.

Let us leave behind false fears and false hopes. Let's begin fresh. Healing is possible.

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