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Why Are We So Enamored of AI?

Why do we want to develop #AI so badly? Why are we so enamored of #VR environments?

When we started technologizing more rudimentary forms of intelligence long ago, we were fascinated. We were learning to reconstruct, transplant, and augment a part of our abilities outside our bodies.

“It’s alive! It’s alive!,” we must have shouted with wonder. It was like looking at a bit of ourselves in the mirror.

We are starving to know ourselves. But unfortunately, the vast majority of human potential is not taught in the standard educational systems of the world. Instead, an unexamined materialist philosophy dominates the landscape, posing as science. Hence, we not only do not know of the treasure of intelligence that dwells within, we also tend to discount as irrational the very idea that such a vast treasure exists.

Just as water leaks from a bucket and creates a wet surface underneath, the bit of intelligence that leaks from our treasure trove is used to create the world around us, including, lately, advanced AI and VR experiences. This should entice us to re-trace the leak and arrive at the source of intelligence, thereby equipping us with new levels of intelligence, including context on how to use our intelligence.

But we are so starved, we can’t turn back from the excitement. It would be considered irrational. Instead, we follow the lead of the leak, falling in love with our creation.

The problem is the creation represents only a fraction of our native intelligence. A fraction multiplied many times over can become extremely fine and razor sharp, but it can never become whole, even as it seeks this.

To all those who are pro-AI, anti-AI, and those who don’t fit into these categories – and especially to those tech leaders who, with the goal of being first, have started something they can’t bridle:

Pause for a moment and consider that AI came from you. If just a part of your intelligence can create something as powerful as AI (much of intelligence, such as respiration, digestion, and more is subconscious), imagine the reservoir of untapped #NI (natural intelligence) that dwells within. Imagine what we could do with that.

What dwells within is not a fairy tale, nor abstract, nor inaccessible. Every culture across time and space has talked about this in their own way. It is what every scientist seeks through experimentation, what every technologist seeks through invention, and what every person seeks as health and healing.

Find a way to touch this. When you do, and when you stabilize in the experience, you will experience #NI and a depth of understanding that will place AI and next steps in context. This–and this alone–will satiate us enough to truly manage what we create.

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