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Why emotions can be the key to healing

Updated: Jan 13

For me, coming to the realization that emotions cause dis-ease was the most surprising part of my healing journey. I, like many, was taught to believe that chronic disease is hereditary, just a fluke, not in my control. But after several years of trial and error to heal from Crohn’s Disease (a chronic inflammatory bowel disease), what I have come to learn is that chronic disease always has an underlaying root cause.

For some, perhaps, it is lifestyle habits, stress, or food causing the imbalance, but for others, including myself, there is an emotional reason for our bodies and minds being out of balance. I’ve learned that our bodies are designed to speak to us, to get our attention, to say, “Hey, something needs to be looked at here.”

I came to learn that in my case, and probably many cases, our dis-ease was originally created to protect us or to get our (or others') attention, love, or affection. There are so many reasons it may have developed. For me, it was my childhood experiences. Once we understand the reason and root cause, we can truly begin the emotional and physical healing process.

Perhaps if you have tried to cure what ails you with physical remedies that do not seem to be providing you ease this is your sign that it’s time to pivot to the emotional or spiritual side. There are many modalities that may work. The important thing is that you are able to tap into the subconscious part of your mind, the part that “files” all your memories, beliefs, and history. For me and countless others RTT hypnotherapy has been the most powerful but for others I’ve seen success through EMDR or even psychedelics. The healing space is ever changing and there are many sources of healing and hope.

Science and research are beginning to show that neuroplasticity does exist, meaning we can change how we think, what we believe and ultimately who we are. In order to heal, finding the root cause speeds the process, because once you understand what is causing your issue you can reverse it and tell your mind what you want it to do instead. Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT Hypnotherapy says the most powerful words in the world are “let go” because letting go allows you to bring something new in.

Start shifting this right now. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. How might this illness be helping me or protecting me in the past or present?

  2. What would my life look like without this illness?

I now believe that the first step to healing is believing that healing is possible for you. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus what is possible for you instead. What would your life look like if you were truly fully deeply healed? Have you let yourself explore that possibility?

I’ve embodied this belief that true deep healing is possible, seen the changes (that have lasted over 4 years now) and know in my bones that it is true. If it’s possible for me I know it’s possible for you, too! Hope and belief and two powerful ingredients. Wishing you both.

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