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BIG questions.
Life-changing answers.

What is true health?
How do we get there?
What is modern medicine missing?


Dr. Anoop Kumar has spent most of his life exploring the intersection of philosophy, science, spirituality, and medicine. This ultimately brought him to a dramatic conclusion:

We don't know what health really is.

In this webinar, Dr. Kumar takes you on a millennia-long journey of realizing how health came to be misunderstood as what it is today, as well as what health truly is and how we can reach there. 

Each question below warrants a semester-long class, but we'll take the ride in 45 minutes.

What is health?
What does healing really mean?

How do we get there?
What science does modern medicine fail to include? What is it missing?
What is real medicine? What is complementary medicine?
How does healing happen?
How has the human being been redefined repeatedly over thousands of years?
Why is our model of human anatomy radically incomplete? What does a complete model look like?
Why is the medical approach to "mental health" insufficient?
What are the Four Engines of health and healing?
What is Mind-Body-Flow Theory?
BIG questions.
Life-changing answers.
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