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Healing is possible.

Health Revolution is building a complete ecosystem for healing to transition our society from the dis-ease state to the healing state.

Hundreds of thousands of people–and likely many more–have healed from "chronic" and "incurable" diseases. They have proven that healing is possible. Most of them, knowingly or unknowingly, followed a combination of the Four Engines of health: nutrition, movement, connection, and rest. These are the engines that rev up your innate healing ability.

The statistics that tell us how many people heal and/or survive are average statistics, but healing is not an average phenomenon. It is a powerful, personalized phenomenon that varies depending on many modifiable factors. Healing includes but is not bound by disease reversal. Healing is always possible, if we open to what healing may mean.


Our Mission

To shift the state of society from dis-ease to healing

Our Vision

We see a world in which every human being is developing and expressing their full potential.


Our values

Love, Audacity, Clarity, Fidelity

Our goals

  1. Create a media platform to demonstrate that healing is possible

  2. Develop partnerships with companies and governments to transform communities.

  3. Create an unparalleled, massive, global ad campaign to demonstrate healing is possible, healing is happening, and how.

  4. Present the results from the above to healthcare and other sectors so we can re-orient our society around healing and wholeness. We believe a healing, whole society is a creative, productive, and evolving society​

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