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Healing the Body and Mind

An Intro to Second Mind Medicine + the science & philosophy of moral injury for medical students and physicians


Dr. Anoop Kumar
Emergency Physician
Mind-Body Strategist
"The physician suicide rate in the U.S. is twice that of the general population. Our healers are sick and dying. This is unconscionable."
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This course is for you if...

You want to break free of the narrow-mindedness in medicine
You want to rationally understand the mind-body connection
Emergency Medical Service
You want to understand the science & philosophy behind moral injury
Prescription Drugs
You know pills alone aren't the answer
Image by humberto chavez
You want to develop programs to help medical professionals who are suffering
Aesthetic Beautician
You want to fill in the missing elements of your medical education

What you get

An understanding of why moral injury and suicide are rooted in outdated science and unexamined philosophy
5 lectures with eye-opening perspectives on mind and body
A new way of understanding human anatomy
6 must-know trends in health and healthcare that are changing the industry
In depth articles on the relationship between mind and body and its relevance to medicine
An in-depth analysis of what the mind really is
A way to seamlessly integrate quantum physics with mind-body medicine

John W.
Medical Student

A much deeper look at burnout and the philosophical concepts we're taught in medical school. I'll be telling my friends about this for sure.

Carla M.

I've always felt this to be true. Thank you for putting it all together in one place in a way we doctors can make sense of what's happening, even if our education did not expose use to these views. 

7 reviews


No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!


1) What is Second Mind Medicine? Second Mind Medicine is an entirely different way of understanding healing, based on a timeless, less-recognized understanding of the mind-body connection. It asks us to reconsider why we believe mind and body are different, as well as what science, philosophy, and ancient wisdom traditions have to say on the matter. These findings will be foundation of our fast-changing healthcare system in the near future, yet very few understand these concepts.

2) Why is Second Mind Medicine important? Although we study the body in detail in medical school, we don't study the anatomy of the mind. Furthermore, our understanding of the body stops at the micro level of chemistry, ignoring the findings of physics over the last 100 years. Second Mind Medicine assimilates the findings of anatomy, physics, and philosophy to help shed light on some of the biggest problems in healthcare, including incurable diseases, mental illness, and clinician burnout and suicide.

3) Do I need any special background to benefit? All you need is an open mind and curiosity. Everything else is provided!

Healing the Body and Mind

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!


7 reviews
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