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R/evolutionary Leadership

Bringing someone back from pulseless death to life is a revolutionary act. When CPR is started, the patient is not breathing, people are running in multiple directions, and family members are screaming, I have a choice. Will I become part of the hurricane? Or will I center myself in the eye of the hurricane, take account of the maelstrom, and act as needed? Doing the latter is leadership, but R/evolutionary Leadership is something more.


Leadership becomes R/evolutionary Leadership when we take this simple formula of (identifying the root opportunity + executing the needed action) and apply it across the human experience: personal, local, global, and deep.

"The true emergency yet to be diagnosed is that we have forgotten who we are, what this world is, and what we are capable of. Everything else–including heart attacks, strokes, and trauma–happens downstream."

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM
Co-founder, Health Revolution
Emergency Physician

Identify the opportunity

Every opportunity has multiple upstream events–in fact, infinite events. Which level of the opportunity will you engage? How deeply will you see? This will determine whether your leadership is r/evolutionary.

Execute the needed action

Just as every opportunity has infinite predecessors, there are nearly infinite actions one can take to actualize the opportunity, depending on the level at which it is engaged. Which action will you take? The one you like? The one that gathers accolades? The one the organization needs? The one our planet needs? Only the last is r/evolutionary.

Identifying and executing happen across the human experience

The human experience is not just personal, not just relational or local, not just global, and not just deep. It is all four combined. Therefore, R/evolutionary Leadership demands identifying the opportunity and executing across all four aspects of human experience.

  • Personal leadership is leading our own lives. It includes activating your Four Engines and developing self-awareness.

  • Local leadership is the extension of the insights of personal leadership to our families, friends, organizations, and communities. This may be in an informal or formal role. 

  • Global leadership includes taking stock of macro trends happening in our world, to our environment and planet, and across species.

  • Deep leadership is becoming aware of the deeper reality hidden beneath the surface of societal ideology and miseducation. It is developing a worldview that goes beyond physicalism toward the primacy of consciousness and the Three Minds Framework.

Leave any one of the above out and leadership falls short of what the times call for. Without accounting for all four aspects of human experience, leadership may still be fine, adequate, and may even win awards and promotions, but it fails to be r/evolutionary.

R/evolutionary Leadership

R/evolutionary Leadership = Personal + Local + Global + Deep leadership

Developing Personal leadership leads to Local, Global, and Deep levels. Personal and Deep evolution lead to revolution. Soon enough, all four nourish each other, and leadership becomes r/evolutionary.

1-to-1 Consultation

Interested in exploring R/evolutionary Leadership? Book a 1-to-1 Consultation with Dr. Kumar.

Self-Unfoldment for Executives (SFX)

SFX is a six-month one-on-one program with Anoop Kumar for executives who wish to develop a greater degree of self-awareness, clarity, and grounding in life that will serve them in and beyond their executive roles. This pours the solid foundation needed for R/evolutionary Leadership. Learn more.

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