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Rethinking Anatomy
is essential to healing

ana-tomy : "to cut up"

to cleave

to see and create divisions

Anatomy Drawing

Anatomy is our vision of the human being. Its portrayal changes as our understanding changes.

wester and eastern anatomy.png

"In Hua Shou, we miss the muscular detail of the Vesalian man;... Muscularity was a peculiarly Western preoccupation. On the other hand, the tracts and points of acupuncture entirely escaped the West’s anatomical vision of reality."

Shigehisa Kuriyama

Professor of Cultural History, Harvard University

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Anatomy reflects our vision.
We see what we have been trained to see.

How do we see ourselves?

As a thing, a body?

human body anatomy female.jpg

...or as a living being?

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There is more to what we are
than physical parts,

which means,

there is more to our anatomy than physical organs.

Human body anatomy is a subset of human being anatomy, yet we conflate the two.

human body

  • organs, cells, atoms, particles

human body anatomy female.jpg

human being

  • organs, cells, atoms, particles


  • perceptions

  • thoughts

  • feelings

  • memories

  • relationships

  • desires

  • dreams

  • identity

  • energy

  • self-awareness

  • consciousness

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"Anatomy of course does not change, but our understanding of anatomy and its clinical significance does change...


This therefore required much updating of many of the older pictures… to make them more pertinent to today’s ever expanding scope of medical and surgical practice."

Frank Netter, MD

Surgeon, Medical Illustrator

Pile of Pills

Many people in the healthcare system are buried under a mountain of pills and chronic diseases,


some others are healing from these very same diseases. Why?

Doctor and Patient _edited.jpg

We are seeing and modeling people incompletely, so we are diagnosing and treating incompletely.

Healthcare's vision of human anatomy is outdated and incomplete.

It leaves out crucial aspects of who we are.

Smiling Teens

A complete model of human anatomy...​

  • draws on scientific and philosophical knowledge from all cultures.

  • recognizes the importance of the mind.

  • reflects an updated, comprehensive understanding of matter as energy and information.

  • values and represents sentience and consciousness as irreducible aspects of being human.

  • ​represents the full scope and potential of being human.

We can see ourselves completely as a composite of many layers, or many bodies. Each body contributes something unique and essential to healing.

1. You, as physical parts.
(chemistry, physics, objectivity)

human body anatomy female.jpg

2. You, as the mind.
(psychology, subjectivity)

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3. You, as energy.
(Yoga, Ayurveda, TCM, integrative medicine)


4. You, as information.
(philosophy, physics, information technology)

quantum information body.jpg

5. You, as awareness, sentience, consciousness.
(philosophy, spirituality)

Recognizing all layers/bodies of your constitution and keeping them in balance is the key to healing.

The Five Bodies
A complete model of human anatomy.

A complete approach to healing, diagnosis, and treatment, and cure.

five bodies.png
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