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How do I know my soul purpose?

Q. I wanted to know about my soul purpose. If I get to know about that I will not make mistakes and it will help me in removing karma and unresolved issues. So how do I get to know about it? Do we have to do something like some kriya [energy work] to get to know that or it is supposed to be hidden?

A. I've been asked a few times during interviews about what our purpose is in life. This of course can be answered many ways, but a simple way to put it is that your purpose is to be yourself. My purpose is to be myself. Each person's expression is unique, and staying true to what you are is powerful. That's why we often tell children, "Be yourself." This can be easier said than done in our society, when there are so many expectations that are not grounded in a deep understanding of life.

To go beyond this and understand what specific actions may be involved in being yourself, clarity of mind is required. Everyone has the deep intelligence of nature within them, expressing as them. So the key is to simply remove the conditioned thoughts that come from society that are not aligned with this nature. It does not mean we unlearn everything, but it does mean that we are willing to give up that which we thought was true and correct, but in fact came from people who did not themselves understand life.

Just as when you remove the moss that is floating on top of the lake, you can see down deeply into the water, when you remove the stagnant thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are floating in the mind, you can see through that mind to the light that illumines your existence. As you see this light, more and more of the film is removed, and your body and mind will naturally start to do the things that are your nature. This is what we call a person's purpose.

When you remove the barrier between a magnet and iron filings, the iron filings will naturally be attracted toward the direction in which the magnet pulls them. Similarly, when the mind is cleared out, the actions naturally align with and are directed by the magnetic power of our nature and purpose.

Initially, it may seem difficult to know one's purpose. When the mind is clear, it is difficult to resist one's purpose.

So how do you clear the mind? We have answered many versions of this question in numerous ways. It's always the same. Activate your Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. This is the timeless wisdom that spans millennia and all cultures. Do this, and the mind will clear, and purpose clearly comes to the forefront.

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