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How I Became Co-founder of Health Revolution

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

wrote an anonymous poet (attributed to more than two poets; who really knows who the original poet is! I'll stick with anonymous). 

These queer twists and turns brought me to Health Revolution as its co-founder. Though I have spoken about this with certain people, this is the first time I am sharing the story on a public forum.

Growing up, I was a complete science nerd and a very studious student. My parents were also very progressive and modern, and thus spirituality, history, mythology etc. were not topics of discussion in my home, though I must say being spiritual and being modern are not mutually exclusive possibilities. The essence is, I grew up only believing anything that was mentioned or explained in science textbooks and science encyclopedias, from a modern, Western point of view. I subscribed to only those explanations and points of views put forth by scientists and by men/women of science. Everything else was strongly classified as superstition, hallucination, delusion, lack of education etc - you get the picture, I am sure, of what my mind and mindset was.

Thus, when such a mind started experiencing events and occurrences that could not be explained by the science taught in school and college textbooks, it started to read and research more into these so called paranormal experiences. All this was precipitated by my darling father's hospitalization and subsequent death in the year 2019. In the last few days of his life, he was on the ventilator and was unresponsive to stimuli. However, when his condition had improved marginally, doctors had said we could take him home and set-up breathing support at home for him to recover slowly.

This is when the presence/spirit of a deceased, Irish friend came to me in my dream and stated that he would help my father crossover, take care of him and that he would be there for my father on the other side. I was both flabbergasted and distressed when I woke up the following morning. Sure enough, despite what the doctors had predicted about my father recovering and going home, he chose to move on to the next dimension and to his next phase of life.

I was inconsolable and devastated as I was very close to my father. To my surprise, he continued to visit me in my dreams and console, advise and guide me. These were very relevant and significant conversations, something that my brain or mind could not have created/imagined/conjured up. These are the events that led me to earnestly research and study topics beyond my science textbooks, which fortuitously led me to Dr. Kumar. When I heard a man of science talking about consciousness, near-death experiences, the cosmos, nature of reality etc, I knew I could learn more from him. His answers and explanations have brought me great relief, grounding and have opened my mind to more. I want so many more people to experience this lightness, this openness and these possibilities of being more. 

I want so many more people to experience this lightness, this openness and these possibilities of being more. 

I recently met a senior medical doctor and college professor who stated that he wished he could talk openly about his own 'out of science syllabus' experiences. The scientific  community is unforgiving, he said. It is a tragedy that we as humans are conditioned to keep quiet about some of our most significant and paradigm-shifting life experiences. We are encouraged to gossip about people and talk about our high-end cars, expensive homes, fancy vacations, designer clothes etc, even if bought on credit, but not about our mind-opening spiritual experiences. We need to move beyond the materialistic and physical world to find our true selves. If men and women of science cannot keep open minds and start to study/research all human experiences, then science will remain stunted at its current growth level, and other people will dismiss these experiences as 'not explained by science and thus hallucinations', leading to an unfortunate catch-22 situation. 

We need to move beyond the materialistic and physical world to find our true selves.

The universe has also beautifully choreographed this event of my first newsletter being published today on my father's 75th birth anniversary. He was always larger than life and I am so grateful to be born as his daughter.

I am looking forward to creating a safe space for everybody to share their experiences and stories. Happy Health Revolution!

Sreesha Sreenivasan

Co-founder and COO, Health Revolution

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