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Why I Co-founded Health Revolution

"Why did you co-found Health Revolution?"

This is a common question I field from friends and family. The answer lies in my personal experiences in my health journey. As a child, I was exposed to family members who did not unnecessarily medicate themselves for minor ailments or feelings of dis-ease.

If my father had a headache, he would drink a glass of warm water and get on with his day. My grandmother handled a bout of vertigo with bed rest for a few days and some neck exercises. When my mother had the flu she took steam inhalation, ate nutrient dense home cooked food and consumed warm fluids.

All these practices augmented the body's innate capacity to heal. They also consumed seasonal, natural food and herbs. When the body and its various systems are internally strengthened, one need not rely on medicines and external interventions to start healing. The body will heal itself as it always has.

This is not to undermine the importance of modern medicine where it is necessary. Emergency care and acute care are examples of absolutely essential medical interventions, including some surgeries, acute pain relief etc, not to forget certain vaccines and medicines that help save many lives. Having worked in some of the best hospitals, I have seen the sincere efforts all teams in the hospital make to effectively treat their patients.

Wellness and wellbeing are popular buzzwords, however few people realise that wellness stems from each of the choices one makes in life. The diet, the media you consume, friends circle, exercise regime, job, life experiences, your reaction to events in your life, and more - everything contributes to your overall wellbeing.

Through Health revolution, we aim to inspire millions of people to take charge of their life path, purpose and health.

Learn more on our free webinar with our co-founder, Dr. Anoop Kumar, MD. Register here

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