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Clarifying Quantum Confusion

I recently wrote an article for Indiaspora magazine on the relationship between the quantum, healing, and the Upanishads of ancient India. Read the article here:

M.R. Rangaswami posted the article on his LinkedIn account, drawing a range of responses, some very supportive, some very critical. I am linking to his post below so you can go through the comments.

Below, you will find my post responding to the criticisms in the comments above.

Regardless of where are you stand on this issue, this is the work we have before us. Remember that concepts and words are merely the tip of an iceberg. Below the surface of the water live our life experiences, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, and our sense of identity. Stacked atop all of this are the words that we use. Therefore, remember that words are rarely merely words. They represent a lifetime of a way of seeing things.

Continuing the dialogue and building understanding while acknowledging each other's perspectives and where they come from is the work of the day.

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