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The Power of Initiative: How We Can Help You Heal

Updated: Feb 23

I've been fortunate to interview dozens of people who have healed from many medical conditions that were considered incurable. All of them did it by activating one or more of their Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. This happened even if they had never heard of the Four Engines before. How could that be? Because these Four Engines are simply primary medicine: that which is needed for human sustenance and development. It makes sense that when a person does this, they begin to heal.

The key part to understand is that these amazing people had to activate their own engines. Nobody else could do it for them. Sure, they leaned on others for help in some cases. They received support in some cases. But the work was their own. The process was their own. The transformation was their own. Given diagnoses that are feared in our society, these people had to find it within themselves to say: I'm going to try something new. While I can get help, nobody can do this for me.

For biochemical reactions to happen in your body, reactants need to be infused with energy. The amount of energy they need is called Activation Energy. If we anthropomorphize this, we can think of the reactants as the history and habits of a person's life, which carry a certain level of energy. To go from the reactant-state of reacting to events to the transformed-state via the process of healing, new energy has to be infused into that person's life.

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When an enzyme is present, the Activation Energy needed is less. Energy still needs to be found, but the enzyme becomes a catalyst that brings change to your front door.

In the process of healing, Health Revolution is the enzyme. We bring the framework, processes, inspiration, case studies, and healing track to you. We take one giant step towards you. How do we lower the Activation Energy needed for the process of healing? By offering you what any enzyme offers any reactant: A catalytic strategy. In this case, the Four Engines are your catalytic strategy that will catapult you forward to experience Mind-Body-Flow Theory and healing.

When an enzyme approaches a reactant, the two bind. This is the getting-to-know-each-other phase. If everything checks out and all systems are go, the enzyme and reactant (now a substrate) form an induced fit. This induced fit is critical in a biochemical reaction, because it occurs specifically to carry the transformation through the transition state, which is the peak of the energy hill that has to be overcome.

Think of any major change you have gone through. The hardest part was not the beginning nor the end, but rather the middle when you left the old state of energy (reactant) and had not yet reached the final state (product). You were right in the thick of it, between the old and the new, with your energies swirling. This is the transition state of a reaction–the peak where all change happens. Having an induced fit between enzyme and substrate is critical here, as it reduces the apparently haphazard swirling of energy and guides the process of transformation through to the result.

Imagine, for example, that you're driving to a new place that's about an hour away. You leave at dusk, so the sun is already going down. Then it starts to rain, and before you know it a storm starts. You still have to get to your destination for an important meeting. A meeting that could change your life if all goes well. About 30 minutes into the trip, the storm is really getting bad, and you're beginning to wonder whether you should turn around and head back. On the other hand, you've covered just over half the distance already. There's a certain ambivalence, hesitation, even fear. You're in the middle of the storm, literally and figuratively. You didn't expect the activation energy to be this high. You thought you knew what to expect. Your mind is swirling.

But wait, you have a guide. Stopped at a red light with rain pouring on your windshield, you whip out your phone, speak out the address, and before you know it your guide has shown you the quickest route directly to your destination. It turns out it's only 15 minutes away. The activation energy has been lowered. The swirling energies in your mind come to a resting state. You reach the meeting in time, at peace, and seal the deal. As a result, your life transforms.

Make no mistake. Healing is transformation.

Induced fit doesn't happen by itself. The enzyme can present itself, but the reactant has to also be ready to become a substrate. It has to be willing to leave the reactant state. It has to be willing to enter possibility/uncertainty. In making that choice and stepping forward, the reactant becomes a substrate and induced fit happens, carrying one through the transition state of transformation. The result is the product of healing.

Health Revolution and you both have roles to play in this process. Take a step toward healing. Find your fit with Health Revolution and the catalytic strategy of the Four Engines. Healing will take a step toward you.

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