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Notes on my talk: Opening Pandora's Box

"You didn't just blow the ceiling off this place, you blew our minds up."

I took this comment I received yesterday after giving a keynote on Opening Pandora's Box as a good sign. If we can question our assumptions about health and healthcare, we can reach heretofore unimagined heights.

One of the many points I talked about was Complete Human Anatomy. Today, we have an incomplete model of human anatomy that cannot account for the various anatomical perspectives seen in different cultures around the world. Hence, we leave many possible diagnoses and treatments, as well as healing and human potential, on the table.


We have not updated medical science with discoveries in physics over the last century, nor have we examined the philosophy implicitly baked into medical science. Yes, our anatomical perspective is at least a century out of date.

What would Complete Human Anatomy look like if we opened Pandora's box? The slide below is a preview.

Hint: All that we call anatomy today, including the physical body, organs, tissues, cells, macromolecules, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles, represent only 1/5 of your anatomy. If you feel unseen in healthcare, this is the core reason why. We literally do not have a model that represents the majority of what you are, nor what we are.

Complete Human Anatomy is a solution.

Interested in a keynote for your organization? Contact us.

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