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47 reviews

Discover health in 28 days.


Dr. Anoop Kumar
Emergency Physician
Mind-Body Strategist

Discover health because...

Students in Cafeteria
You want to heal from disease
Yoga at Home
You want to connect and heal mind, body, spirit, and society
Pile of Pills
You know pills aren't the real answer
Colleagues at Work
You want to decrease stress, improve focus, and get stuff done
Image by Uday Mittal
You're tired of superficial, incomplete advice 
Working with Laptop
You can't give up hours of your day

How you'll discover health

High-value, impactful 10-minute video sessions daily, 5 days/wk for 4 weeks. See curriculum below.
Powerful meditations led by Dr. Kumar
Ongoing access to sessions for 2 full months
Sharper intuition on what is naturally aligned with your life path
A feeling of relief and ease stemming from the release of trauma stored in the body and mind
A lighter, happier, more peaceful, more intuitive you
A gateway that opens to new ways of understanding and experiencing yourself.
A new guided practice each day to build life-changing habits
Additional amazing stories of healing, articles, and downloadable resources
Complete clarity on how Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest can overhaul your physical and mental health
Flexibility to watch the daily videos at your convenience. Feeling inspired? Watch several in a single day.
A community of like-minded people focused on developing their infinite potential
Immediate and full access to all content
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Rhoda W.

This course is absolutely phenomenal! It gave me a slice of heaven everyday where I could focus on me and what I wanted. I loved the smoothies, the meditation, the science... everything!! I am literally telling every single one of my friends about this course.


Darja V.

This course is about investigating who we are, going deeply in ourselves. Also it is built in order for everyone to be able to participate, even busy people like me :) I see my health totally differently now and I feel the power I have to change my health.

oneal utley_edited.jpg

O'Neal U.

Anoop and Sreesha are visionaries. The interviews with people who have healed are inspiring, motivating and educational. The exercises made me try practical ways and insights to tap into that natural healing. Healing is possible.

47 reviews

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days


Dr. Kumar offers a path to healing and returning to a state of balanced well-being.

Deepak Chopra

A critical part of everyone's life journey is integrating all aspects of life. Dr. Kumar, a board-certified emergency doctor, experienced this first-hand after he had a near-death-like experience in medical school that disrupted his life. Over many years, he had to figure out how to balance and integrate a whole new way of functioning. Years later, in hosting the Healing Is Possible podcast, he found that the techniques he used to integrate and open his life were the same that people used to heal from disease. Dr. Kumar and his team of instructors present the teachings and practices of this process to you in this course so you can discover what health is truly meant to be and open the gates of health and healing.
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تشغيل الفيديو
7 Reasons You Should Take This Course
  1. You don't want to be dependent on endless medications.

  2. You want to learn how to heal.

  3. You're ready to face what's happening and leave confusion, doubt, fear, and old habits behind.

  4. You want ultimate clarity in health and life, connecting the personal self, community, and what's happening in society at large.

  5. You want to experience the deepest levels of mind-body connection.

  6. You want to minimize the chance of getting sick.
  7. You want to set the example for yourself and your loved ones.


1) What makes this course unique?


  • It is developed by a Board-Certified physician trained in emergency medicine, philosophy, and mind-body perspectives, along with years of experience integrating spirituality and near-death experiences.

  • We don't push supplements or gimmicky sales. Yes, we do believe the Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest are the "magic pill" that our culture is looking for, but it's not a pill. It's clarity, honesty, intuition, and changing our behavior that makes a difference.

  • This course is a gateway towards something bigger. Having a foundational understanding and experience of the Four Engines and Mind-Body-Flow Theory, which are taught in this course, prepares each participant for ongoing monthly live sessions where we explore healing in greater depth.

2) Do I need prior experience?


  • No prior experience is needed. Just bring curiosity and an open mind. Everything else is provided :)

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Discover health in 28 days.

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days


47 reviews
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