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Health Revolution is building a complete ecosystem for healing to transition our society from the dis-ease state to the healing state.

Hundreds of thousands of people–and likely many more–have healed from acute, chronic, and "incurable" diseases. They have proven that healing is possible. Most of them, knowingly or unknowingly, followed a combination of the Four Engines of health: Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. These engines rev up your innate healing ability.

The statistics that tell us how many people heal and/or survive are average statistics, but healing is not an average phenomenon. It is a powerful, personalized phenomenon that varies depending on many modifiable factors.


Healing includes–but is not dependent upon–disease reversal. Healing is recognizing our wholeness and moving into that deeper, powerful space within us. Healing is recognizing who we are, what this world is, and what we are capable of.  Healing is always possible, if we open to what it may mean.



We see a world in which every person has the knowledge, resources, and opportunity to heal and express their full potential.


To build a complete ecosystem for healing


Love, Audacity, Clarity, Fidelity


  1. Create a media platform to demonstrate that healing is possible and healing is happening

    • Share video case studies of people everywhere who are healing, organized by diagnosis, organ system, and the Four Engines.

    • Explore and discern what healing means and what the common pathways of healing are​

    • Offer a 28-day course beginning the first of every month to activate the Four Engines. We see over tens of thousands of people enrolling monthly and completing the 4-week course with others in their cohort, sharing and learning from each other.

  2. Support and elevate all health and wellness professionals with the essential knowledge of the consciousness-matter interface that is the foundation of healing and the future of health and healthcare.​

  3. Create an unparalleled, massive, global ad campaign to demonstrate healing is possible, healing is happening, and how.

  4. Develop the Second Mind Institute, which offers new perspectives on the relationship between consciousness and all existing knowledge fields, as a means of informing a higher standard in education.

  5. Create a physical Center for Healing and Understanding that offers retreats and seminars for health professionals of all backgrounds to understand the theory and practice of true healing. This Center will also be an oasis for anyone who wants to take time to restore themselves.

  6. Present the results from the above to the general public, healthcare, and other sectors so we can re-orient our society around healing and wholeness. We believe a healing, whole society is a creative, productive, and evolving society​.

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Image by Nani Chavez

"The true emergency yet to be diagnosed is that we have forgotten who we are, what this world is, and what we are capable of. Everything else–including heart attacks, strokes, and trauma–happens downstream."

Anoop Kumar, MD, MM
Emergency Physician
Co-founder and CEO, Health Revolution
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