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Start learning.
Start healing.

The choices you make can help you get better faster and be less dependent on medication. Let me show you how.

Anoop Kumar, MD
Emergency Physician
Co-founder and CEO, Health Revolution


Dr. Kumar offers a path to healing and returning to a state of balanced well-being.

Deepak Chopra

Senior Portrait

Harness the power of epigenetics and your mind

  • Over 95% of genes are modifiable by the behaviors you choose.

  • Over 50% of diseases can be prevented or modified by the behaviors you choose.

  • Your immune system is strongly influenced by the behaviors you choose.

  • This is not just prevention. It's also recovery, healing, treating acute and chronic disease, general wellbeing, and even performance.

  • How can you harness this power? Activate your Four Engines of Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. These engines have been proven by healing systems around the world for millennia and by those healing today.


Raw Vegetables
  • Inform yourself. See new perspectives.

  • Plant-based nutrition that heals rather than inflames


Meditating by the Pool
  • Connect with self–your hopes, dreams, needs, love, body, and your still center.

  • Connect with others and a supportive community

  • Connect with nature


Resistance Band
  • Use your full range of motion, stretch, balance

  • Move your breath–breathe fully and deeply

  • Move your emotions and your creativity


Good Night_s Sleep
  • Sleep hygiene

  • Learn to return to a restful state while awake

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Rhoda W.

This course is absolutely phenomenal! It gave me a slice of heaven everyday where I could focus on me and what I wanted. I loved the smoothies, the meditation, the science... everything!! I am literally telling every single one of my friends about this course.


Darja V.

This course is about investigating who we are, going deeply in ourselves. Also it is built in order for everyone to be able to participate, even busy people like me :) I see my health totally differently now and I feel the power I have to change my health.

oneal utley_edited.jpg

O'Neal U.

Anoop and Sreesha are visionaries. The interviews with people who have healed are inspiring, motivating and educational. The exercises made me try practical ways and insights to tap into that natural healing. Healing is possible.

Start learning. Start healing.
Join our 28-Day Jumpstart course.

47 reviews


No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!

3 hours of on-demand videos on the Four Engines in bite-sized 10-minute sessions
Powerful meditations led by Dr. Kumar
Ongoing access to LIVE monthly sessions with Dr. Kumar, even after the course ends
Flexibility to watch the daily videos at your convenience. Feeling inspired? Watch several in a single day.
A community of like-minded people focused on developing their infinite potential
Immediate and full access to all content
A new guided practice to activate your Four Engines each day
Additional amazing stories of healing, articles, and downloadable resources
Complete clarity on how Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest can overhaul your physical and mental health
A feeling of ease stemming from the release of trauma stored in the body and mind
A lighter, happier, more peaceful, more intuitive you
A gateway that opens to new ways of understanding and experiencing yourself.
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47 reviews

Start learning. Start healing.

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!


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