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Topics include

  • Shhh! Healthcare truths nobody mentions

  • Re-think the mind-body connection

  • How science emerges from consciousness

  • How people heal from incurable disease

  • See your Three Minds

  • Beyond mental health and mental illness

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Weekly customized Q&A, reflections, and meditations for your workforce

The pandemic has been a game-changer. A part of your workforce is grappling with the deeper questions of life: Who am I?  What do I want?  How does work fit into this?  Such questions can't be medicated or meditated away in a cookie-cutter wellness program. They have to be explored interactively over time and integrated.

Any MBA program can teach a dozen or more models of leadership, but they cannot teach a deep view of life that integrates all these. Yet, this exactly is what the times call for.

Leadership becomes R/evolutionary Leadership when we take this simple formula of (identifying the root opportunity + executing the needed action) and apply it across the human experience: personal, local, global, and deep.

As an executive, you see the big picture as well as its moving parts. But do you see the lens you're looking through?

SFX is a six-month one-on-one program with Dr. Kumar for executives who wish to develop a greater degree of self-awareness, clarity, and grounding in life that will serve them in and beyond their executive roles. The deeper skillset of recognizing, seeing through, and managing the mind is what we work on through a variety of tactics, using the grounding of the Three Minds Framework. Through this process, you will realize deeper layers of yourself that ultimately will inform your vision and actions in all areas of life. This is self-unfoldment.

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