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1-to-1 Consultations
​General topics
  • Re-thinking "mental health" and "mental illness"

  • Emotional healing

  • Fear

  • Making sense of life experiences

  • A deeper view of what's happening on this planet

  • What it will take to transform healthcare

  • The next step for mind-body medicine and integrative medicine

  • The nature of meditation

  • Integrating mystical experiences

  • What is enlightenment?

  • Spiritual awakening and "mental illness"

  • A complete integration of science and spirituality

  • Consciousness and everything else

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Clarity heals.

Dr. Kumar engages in dialogues with clients 21+ years old via Zoom who are interested in exploring health, consciousness, and integration. He brings a deep range of experience to his consultations, including medical science, clinical medicine, spirituality, metaphysics and mysticism. Consultations can range from active dialogue to immersive meditation to emotional healing. Possible topics for exploration include:

Diagnosis Translation
  • A dia-gnosis is deep knowing (gnosis) between two (dia) people. Diagnosis Translation is an opportunity to see a diagnosis in a new way by discovering what you know deeply in the subconscious mind. Dr. Kumar augments the atomic model of anatomy and arrives at gnosis with you through the lens of Mind-Body-Flow Theory–seeing the body as the flow of the mind.

  • This is meant to add to the work you do with your health professional.

Integration for Executives​
  • Executives face the unique challenge of having to lead organizations while managing themselves personally. This often leads to an internal "conflict of interest" where professional expectations can be at odds with personal values, goals, meaning, and relationships.​ Dr. Kumar creates a safe space for open exploration of your deep drivers and human potential, finding a way to integrate and advance the personal and professional aspects of your life. The session will include a meditation.

Terms & Conditions:

Although Dr. Kumar is a physician, the offered dialogue does not establish a doctor-patient relationship and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical, psychiatric, or surgical condition. We recommend discussing any changes you may choose to make with your health professional and others in your inner circle. Dr. Kumar and Health Revolution do not assume liability for any choices or actions you may take. Dr. Kumar and Health Revolution do not guarantee particular outcomes. Please note there is a $50 charge for rescheduling and canceling meetings. Meetings can be canceled up to 48 hours prior to the meeting for a $50 charge. There is no refund for a cancellation made within 48 hours of the meeting. There are no refunds given once a meeting has started.

  • Meet directly with Dr. Kumar

    1 س

    500 US dollars
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