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28 reviews

Understand the Foundation
of Wellness and Mind-Body Medicine

An Intro to Second Mind Medicine


Dr. Anoop Kumar
Emergency Physician
Mind-Body Strategist
"When you understand what mind-body medicine is really saying, it will blow your mind."
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This course is for you if...

Female Soccer Coach
You're a wellness coach

and you want a solid foundation for growth in your practice.

Open Sign
You're an entrepreneur in the wellness space

who has to know the future of the market.

Aesthetic Beautician
You're a clinician who wants to go beyond the status quo

to understand what's been missing in your education.

You enjoy meditation and yoga

and you want to take your understanding beyond cookie-cutter templates of mind and body.


Yoga Pose
You're a holistic health practioner

who knows the value of integrative and complementary medicine. Now you want the science and philosophy to go with it.

Giving a Speech
You're an influencer in the mind-body space

and you want to makes you're offering the most cutting-edge understanding integrating science, philosophy, and spirituality.

What you get

5 lectures with eye-opening perspectives on mind and body
A new way of understanding human anatomy
6 must-know trends in health and healthcare that are changing the industry
The opportunity to submit questions to Dr. Kumar for further clarity
An in-depth analysis of what the mind really is
A way to seamlessly integrate quantum physics with mind-body medicine
Supplemental links and readings that will ensure your understanding is cutting-edge
Lifetime access to Second Mind Medicine: an entirely new way of seeing the future of health and healthcare

Jackie M.
Wellness Coach

Wow Anoop... this really was more than I expected. It brought together everything. I always knew everything was connected and now I understand how. Second Mind Medicine is a whole different way of seeing this. Thank you so much!

Pete B.
Integrative health practitioner

After taking this course I finally feel like I can talk about how what I teach makes sense not only because it works but it's based in science and philosophy and merges perfectly with ancient wisdom. Everybody who wants to feel that confidence should take this course.

28 reviews


No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!

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Dr. Kumar offers a path to healing and returning to a state of balanced well-being.

Deepak Chopra

Dr. Kumar grew up studying the philosophy of non-duality. He had a near-death experience while in medical school that changed how he saw everything. He went on to complete his training in emergency medicine, collaborate with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, author two books (Michelangelo's Medicine and Is This a Dream?), and speak to tens of thousands of people. Along the way he created an entirely new way of understanding the future of healthcare–Second Mind Medicine.


1) What is Second Mind Medicine? Second Mind Medicine is an entirely different way of understanding healing, based on a timeless, less-recognized understanding of the mind-body connection. It asks us to reconsider why we believe mind and body are different, as well as what science, philosophy, and ancient wisdom traditions have to say on the matter. These findings will be foundation of our fast-changing healthcare system in the near future, yet very few understand these concepts.

2) Why is Second Mind Medicine important? Although we study the body in detail in medical school, we don't study the anatomy of the mind. Furthermore, our understanding of the body stops at the micro level of chemistry, ignoring the findings of physics over the last 100 years. Second Mind Medicine assimilates the findings of anatomy, physics, and philosophy to help shed light on some of the biggest problems in healthcare, including incurable diseases, mental illness, and clinician burnout and suicide.

3) Do I need any special background to benefit? All you need is an open mind and curiosity. Everything else is provided!

2mm curriculum
Understand the Foundation
of Wellness and Mind-Body Medicine
An Intro to Second Mind Medicine

No-questions-asked 100% refund within the first 7 days!


28 reviews
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