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What does it mean to be whole in a practical sense?

Health is being whole. Healing is the pathway to finding that wholeness. We keep reiterating

about wholeness because this is the important essence of navigating the world of healing.

To be whole again, you have to know what parts of you seem to be missing because of

  • Trauma

  • Ignorance

  • Tendencies

  • Miseducation

  • Past (life) actions

  • Lack of opportunities

  • Generational baggage

  • … and more

You may have felt less than as a child when you lost a competition, or as a teenager when

your crush did not reciprocate your affection, or as a young adult when you didn’t land your

dream job, or when your neighbour bought a fancy car, or as a parent when your child did

not pursue the career you wanted for them. In many cases it could be a case of excessive

and misplaced expectations, fuelled by the competitive and incomplete stories in our

modern society that encourages materialism rather than seeing things fully. One needs to resolve and reconcile with all past trauma, disappointments, feeling of lack and unhappiness.

A very important part of feeling whole, is your own sense of self-worth, self-love and self-

respect. This is a very nuanced concept because it is important to maintain your self-worth

without making anybody else feel less than. This shows up in the way...

  • you show-up for yourself;

  • you maintain discipline and achieve your goals;

  • you maintain your boundaries, speak up against injustice and share your thoughts/feelings;

  • you make time for your hobbies, family/friends and prevent burnout;

  • you own your truth and follow your intuition;

  • you drop your societal conditioning and do not get swayed by popular opinions

  • you have your own mind that is open as well.

The list goes on but you get the picture. You set out on a quest to find the absolute truth. Some call it spirituality, some call it seeking, some call it a path – at the end of the day it is just a normal progression of life everybody will experience – in this lifetime or the next or the next and so on.

How do you start on this clarifying journey? Start by surrendering, and releasing fears.

  • Fear of lack

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of being seen

  • Fear of judgement

  • Fear of speaking-up

  • Fear of being ‘too much’

  • Fear of your own power

  • Fear of not being enough

It's true that releasing fears is not easy. The path to getting there is activating your own Four Engines of Health , i.e. Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. The remainder of the path will start unfolding as you keep walking ahead.

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