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How to heal... now


Take a full, deep, easy breath

Ready? Let's go, friend. Walk with me.

While there are many custom paths to healing, the gateway to all these paths is the same:

Activate your Four Engines of
Nutrition, Movement, Connection, and Rest. All healing systems across all cultures use this same approach, but it is never said plainly.

No medicine can replace your Four Engines. Medicines work ALONG WITH your Four Engines. The reason many treatments fail is because of the false marketing that the Four Engines are "complementary," or not necessary. This is incorrect. The Four Engines are the real, true, primary medicine. They are absolutely necessary. Everything else is complementary. 

Green Leaves
If a plant is sick, the treatment is not medication. It's soil, water,  fresh air, sunlight, space, and safety. These are the essentials for a plant. Without these, medication cannot solve the problem. With these, medication may not be needed. The same is true of you. The Four Engines are your essentials.

Congratulations, you have already started!
Reading this is Nutrition of the mind. You are activating your first of Four Engines. You have overcome the barrier of inertia. This is the most important step!
Nourishing the mind is essential. Incorrect notions, false beliefs, and fears that have been stored in the mind act as barriers to experiencing our full potential. This full potential is healing.

Fullness <-> Wholeness <-> Healing <-> Health

You are beginning to learn what is true and and leave behind the noise. Keep going!

Keeping the momentum is key. It's ok to stumble. And then... keep moving!


Ask yourself...


WHY am I doing this????
For what? For who? Get crystal clear and feel the truth of your WHY emblazened on your soul.

Pause here... Does your WHY light you up? If not, feel into it more. Follow your motivation until your soul is ablaze. Repeat this every morning and night. Your WHY is the catalytic converter of doubt and fear into ACTION. Love your why. Sing your why. Share your why. Let it burn within.

Healing–no matter how you define it–is deep work. Calling it "lifestyle change" doesn't fully capture it. Healing is about becoming whole, which means a readiness to look at beliefs, habits, and behaviors that may have been on auto-pilot for a long time. It means starting to live differently. It means integrating all aspects of who we are and what are. Many people have shown us that healing is always possible, no matter what, if we open to what healing could mean and what it might teach us. No blame. Only possibility.

Pause and reflect.
What does healing mean to me?


Whether it's physical healing, mental healing, spiritual healing, relationship healing, becoming whole, performing better, or any other kind of healing, history has shown us that 

Healing is possible

If your soul is ablaze, you are ready for this journey.
If there is fear and doubt shaking within, you can still make this journey. We are rooting you on. This journey is for everyone who has come this far. Nobody is excluded. Take the next step.

Pause and reflect.
Am I open to seeing healing in new ways?
Am I ready to see myself?

Take 3 full, deep, easy breaths

Take the plunge.

Health Revolution is with you.
Millions of people are with you.

Join your 28-Day Jumpstart course
to activate your Four Engines

Invest yourself fully in the curriculum. Whenever you have to, just pause, and then keep moving. We are with you. We are cheering you on.

This is your time.

Love and gratitude,

Dr. Anoop Kumar             Sreesha Sreenivasan
Co-founder and CEO      Co-founder and COO
Healing is possible
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